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Sources for Muslim / Arabic educational material and homeschooling support – GENERAL SURVEY (NOT VERIFIED)

  • Bristol Muslim Home Educators – We hope to use this group, inshaAllah, to exchange ideas and experiences as well as to organise regular meetups with our children around Bristol.
  • Dallas Muslim Homeschoolers Association – Group for interested and committed parents to share experiences and make recommendations regarding curriculum, website links, activities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, sports and everything and anything pertinent to the homeschooling experience.
  • Home Education Muslim Network – Yorkshire – This group has been created for those in and around the Yorkshire area for Muslims seeking other Muslims for ideas and general chit chat regarding the tricky business of homeschooling our young ‘uns.
  • Memphis Muslim Home Educators – We are a group of families interested in connecting with one another and others who share our goals of Home Education.
  • Muslim Home Education Network Australia – Here to provide information and support on the viable and responsible option of Home Schooling to the Muslim Community. Facebook group.
  • Muslim Home Educators in London – The group is to provide a friendly forum for Muslim home educating families in London. We aim to meet up regularly and offer each other support.
  • Muslim Home Educators Birmingham – Closed Facebook group. Contact admin about joining.
  • Muslim Home Educators’ Support – This is the Facebook page of MHES (Muslim Home Educators’ Support), which is a support group for Muslim home educating sisters in Birmingham, UK (primarily). This Facebook group is open to home educating Muslim women.
  • The Muslim Homeschool – A homeschooling site primarily for muslims using the ‘classical’ method of homeschooling, the Well Trained Mind in particular.
  • Successful Muslim Homeschooling – The purpose of this page is to provide ideas, resources, inspiration, and support to parents teaching their children at home. Whether you homeschool full time or teach your children after school and on the weekends, inshallah, you will find our page has great deal of resources you can use. Like on Facebook, too.


  • The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling – The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling: Advice on Teaching and Parenting the Muslim Child, by Jamila Alqarnain, Kindle Edition, Canadian editions
  • Online Education for Muslim Children – A resource for Muslim educators and homeschooling families. Come here for discussions and sharing of information and resources of educational topics as they apply towards teaching our children. We welcome you to come, share and learn together.
  • Salafi Education – The aim of this group is to enable people to aid and support one another in home schooling and share beneficial resources as well as helping one another to adhere to Islam correctly upon the Quraan and authentic Sunnah as understood by the Salaf.
  • Arabic Learning Materials – For those of you who are struggling to learn or teach Islam, it can sometimes be hard to find the best learning materials available. We have done all the searching for you! Here you will find an extensive list of the best Islamic Learning Resources available on the web today, including links to Islamic lesson plans, Islamic Stories, activities to teach your child about Islam, Islamic curriculum, Islamic retailers and much more.
  • The Holy Quran – The religion’s holy book is presented in its original Arabic and several translations, including English, in text and audio versions. Searchable.
  • Internet Islamic History Sourcebook – Fordham University presents this overview of Islamic history and culture. Lots of links to original source material online.
  • Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts – Medicine is a science from which one learns the states of the human body with respect to what is healthy and what is not, in order to preserve good health when it exists and restore it when it is lacking. Ibn Sina, the opening to the Qanun fi al-tibb.
  • Islam For Kids – This Facebook page is for Parents who have a positive attitude towards life.
  • IslamKids – This website is aimed at kids between the ages of 5-12 years. By working through the modules you can learn about the basic teachings of Islam. Our aim is to make learning about Islam fun, interactive and easy.
  • Islamic Stories For Muslim Kids – This list will include Islamic stories for kids in English. This list will recommend Islamic multimedia software to teach Islamic subjects.
  • Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization – Muslim contribution to Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Philosophy in the Middle Ages. Ninety articles and over thirty biographies.
  • PBS – Islam: Empire of Faith – Throughout the production of Islam Empire of Faith – including this Web site – we have made every attempt to present as broad a portrait of Islamic art and culture as possible, in order to show the great diversity as well as the fundamental unity of Islamic civilization in its long and varied history.


  • EdPlace – KS1 to KS4 you can have a free trial for only £1 or subscribe for £99 per year.
  • Ed PlaceSave
  • Twinkl – this is a must in my opinion. Twinkl is for all areas of the curriculum and is for all ages up to KS4. Price from £4.49 per month. Check out my review of some of their free educational resources.
  • BBC Bitesize – this is for all aged children and has lots of videos and helpful articles. This is a free service.
  • TES– there are some free resources on here, although you can purchase each individual topic or resource.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers– This is for all children and they have lots of free resources. There are also paid for work sheets.
  • Teaching Packs – priced at £17.50 per year for thousands of teaching packs.
  • Activity Village – access to over 29k printable activities at only £15 per annum
  • Khan Academy – Free personalised learning resources for all ages.
  • IXL – Maths and English resources for children aged between reception to year 13. Prices from £7.99 per month , they offer a 20% discount for new members.
  • IXL 20% DiscountSave
  • Learning Resources Science Museum – This site brings together resources from museums, including activities, games and videos. Discover activities to support a range of curriculum topics for use in the classroom, in museum galleries and beyond. KS1 – KS4 and they are free resources.
  • Education Quizzes – KS1 – GCSE educational quizzes to help with all areas of the curriculum. £9.95 per month but home educators can get a 3 month free trial.
  • Quizlet – Free resources for KS1 – KS4
  • KM Tuition -Maths, English and Science free worksheets and past exam papers.
  • Exemplar Education – Maths and English resources including access to an online tutor, or phone. Read my full review on Exemplar
  • My Own Tutor – Year 1 to GCSE maths and English, prices from £10 per week.
  • Kidztype – Free typing games to help with touch typing
  • If you have an Amazon Alexa device check out our favourite Alexa educational skills
  • Primary School Resources – Home Education Websites
  • The School Run This is for primary school year children. A 14-day trial costs £1.97. When you take out your trial you can choose one of three subscription packages: £39.97 for six months; £59.97 for 12 months; £130 for a School Lifetime (7 years’ continuous access).
  • Primary Leap – this is for primary school children and they offer a free subscription. You can however upgrade to a paid subscription from £3.75 per month.
  • Top Marks – primary free resources.
  • Rising Stars primary school resources, a lot of free resources.
  • Soft Schools primary school free resources.
  • – primary school children resources, from free to $9.99 per month.
  • Primary Resources free resources for primary school children
  • Oxford Owl free resources for primary school children
  • Every School– free resources for primary school children.
  • Have Fun Teaching – free resources and worksheets for primary school children.
  • Teach it Primary – All subjects great for primary school. There are free subscriptions and paid for subscriptions start at £49.95
  • @school  – Quarterly subscription £9.99
  • Skoolbo – All subjects great for primary school. 30 day free trial $10.95 per month
  • Apple for the Teacher – £43.20 per year
  • Parents in Touch – from £20 per year
  • K5 Learning – This is an American site with free worksheets in maths and English
  • Check out over 35 of the best educational youtube videos
  • English – Home Education Websites
  • Literacy Shed – Videos and worksheets to help with English for primary school children.
  • Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress helping children learn to read, there is a free trial and then £39.95 for an annual subscription. They offer a 40% discount to home educators but you need to email them for the code.
  • Puzzle Maker a free tool for making your own word puzzles.
  • TeachIT English KS3 and above there is a free subscription or paid for start at £55 per year.
  • Nessy – Great tool for children with dyslexia, prices start from £8 per month
  • Teach your monster to read – free resource to help children learn to read.
  • Picture Book Explorers – there are a few resources, or some paid topics to chose from.
  • If you enjoy playing games check out over 20 games for homeschool families
  • Maths – Homeschooling Resources
  • The Maths Factor – Carol Vorderman’s online maths school. This is for primary school children and costs £9.99 per month, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Packed with incentives for children including real medals which get sent in the post if a child completes a session every day for 30 days.
  • Maths FactorSave
  • Matr – fun and affordable one to one tuition in maths for children aged 7-11.
  • Corbett Maths free resource and has videos and questions and answers.
  • Maths Watch – Covers maths from primary to A Level. It costs about £100 p.a but this is for lots of users. So if you can get a few people together it would be cheaper.
  • My Mini Maths – with more than 1,300 free resources for primary school children.
  • Conquer Maths learning maths for children aged 4 – 19 years old. £99.99 for a year subscription.
  • Teach IT Maths – KS3 and above. There is a free subscription and paid for subscriptions start at £30 per year.
  • Absolute Maths -Self study/revision website for iGCSE/GCSE levels and there are also Absolute Maths Courses which is a separate tuition led section of the business currently for KS3 and iGCSE/GCS
  • Prodigy Maths – free resource for primary school children
  • Adapted Mind $9.95 per month, but there is a free trial.
  • Math Play Ground – free resource and paid for subscriptions at $6.99 per month (this is a special summer rate)
  • MEP (Maths Enhancement Programme) free resources up to A Level students.
  • Doodle Maths – This is a fun app with maths quizzes. There is a free plan plus a paid for one at £4.99 per month
  • Math Seeds -is great for children aged 3-9, one year subscription is £29.95. They offer a 40% discount to home educators but you need to email them for the code
  • Math Whizz – they offer a free trial or you can subscribe for £149 per year.
  • Maths is Fun – Primary school free resources.
  • Maths Gynie – Primary up to A Level amazing free resources, videos, exam papers and solutions.
  • Mathster – Free worksheets for GCSE and A Level
  • Maths Chase –  Free times table tests
  • Check out my Amazon store to find educational gifts and resources for your homeschool room
  • Science – Home Education Websites
  • Outstanding Science primary school resource at £25 a year.
  • Mystery Science home school subscription at $69 per year. But there are free trials available too.
  • Teach It Science KS3 and above. There is a free subscription or paid for subscriptions start at £30 per year.
  • Mystery Doug – This is a free resource
  • School Science – This is a free resource.
  • Sublime Science – there are free resources (they also do amazing parties, which we did a couple of years ago and the kids loved it)
  • BBC Terrific Science – free resources
  • Interactive Elements Table – periodic table in pictures and words.
  • History – Homeschooling Resources
  • 60 Second Histories – there is a 2 week free trial, after that the annual subscription is only £25 (USE CODE Freddie10 for 12% off – offer expires 30/01/2019). Read my review of 60 Second Histories
  • Geography – Home Education Websites
  • 3D Geography – Make models and great free resources
  • BBC Bitesize – Free resources from Primary to KS3
  • Languages – Home Education Websites
  • Duo Lingo (Tiny Cards) This is an amazing free app and it has so many different languages to learn.
  • Teach it Languages – KS3 and above. There is a free subscription and paid for plans start at £30 per year.
  • Babble – They offer 13 different languages and there are free resources and paid for subscriptions starting from only £4.75 per month.
  • Coding – Home Education Websites
  • Play Osmo – This is a great fun way to teach your children coding and programming. I have reviewed Coding Awbie and Osmo Coding Jam and I can not recommend them highly enough.
  • – This is a free resource.
  • Scratch – this is a free resource.
  • Codeacadamy – this is a free resource
  • GamEd Academy – Learning through play with Minecraft. Prices vary
  • Arts and Crafts – Home Education Websites
  • SmiggleSave
  • Red Ted Art lots of free ideas and printable’s.
  • Krokatak – loads of free arts and crafts, videos and printables
  • IGCSE and Key Stage 3
  • Echo Education focuses on courses for IGCSE and Key stage 3 they are experienced home educators and often courses with or without tutor support.
  • Marking – Mark My Papers this is an independent marking service. You need to scan the children’s work to them and they send it back marked with full detail. This is for children from KS2 up to A Levels.


  • The National Curriculum in England – Handbook for Primary Teachers £15.85
  • CGP books – prices starting from as little as £3.13 from the Book Depository all with free delivery
  • Cambridge IGCSE Test Papers – prices from as little as £4.99 from the Book Depository all with free delivery
  • Collins SATS Workbooks  – prices from as little as £4.46 from the Book Depository all with free delivery
  • Maths No Problem – Maths books starting from £8.49



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